Technical Data #8455a / 2013.07.21

Haematoxylin is used to stain permanent smears from fecal specimens for identification of intestinal parasites. Protozoan trophozoites and cysts can be detected.



in grams per liter

Haematoxylin, Stain


Haematoxylin, powder


Ethanol, Denatured

1000,0 ml

Haematoxylin Mordant  
Ferrous Ammonium Sulfate


Ferric Ammonium Sulfat e


Hydrochloric Acid, concentrated

10 ml

Water, deionized

990,0 ml

This medium is for IN VITRO diagnostic use only.

Store in tightly-sealed containers at 15-30ºC in the dark.

Stains should not be used if they show signs of deterioration or if the expiration date has passed.

A positive and negative control should be stained at the same moment.

  1. Wash SAF-stool mixture 3 times with saline.
  2. Place a drop of Mayer's Albumine and a drop of sediment. Mix together and spread.
  3. Let smear dry and fix for 10 minutes in a 70% Ethanol bath
  4. Prepare a working solution of stain by mixing 100 ml of Haematoxylin and 100 ml of Haematoxylin Mordant.
  5. Place smear in running tap water for 2 minutes
  6. Place in Haematoxylin-Haematoxylin Mordant bath for 10 minutes
  7. Wash with distilled water for 1 minute
  8. Place in working solution bath of picric acid for 10 minutes
  9. 10 minutes in running tap water
  10. Place into 70% ethanol with ammonia for 10 minutes
  11. Place into 95% ethanol for 10 minutes
  12. Place into 100% ethanol for 5 minutes
  13. Place into another 100% ethanol bath for 5 minutes
  14. Place into Carbolxylene for 10 minutes
  15. Place into Xylene for 10 minutes
  16. Mount with Eukitt (EU-500) and examine microscopically


Use the working solution of haematoxylin for one week, then reject the remaining quantity. This is a part of identification. Other methods may be required.


  1. Lennette, E.H., A. Balows, W.J. Hausler Jr., H.J. Shadomy 1985 Manual of Clinical Microbiology 4th ed. American Society for Microbiology, Washington, D.C.
  2. Palmer, J., 1991 Clin. Microbiolog. Newsl., 13:39-40
  3. Yang, J., T. Scholten 1977 A fixative for intestinal parasites permitting the use of concentration and permanent staining procedures. Am. J. Clin. Pathol. 67:300-304


Haematoxylin Stain 250 ml 8454
  1 L 8455
Haematoxylin Mordant 250 ml 8453
  1 L 8456
Complete Set 2x250 ml 8441
Eukitt Mounting 500 ml EU-500



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