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Ordering information


Please specify our catalogue number and the product description, as well as your purchase order number.

Written orders should be directed to:

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Phone orders:
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Minimum order


Shipments under $150 will be subject to a $15 transportation and handling charge per invoice. All other deliveries will be F.O.B. destination.






Our terms are net 30 days from the date of invoice. Overdue accounts carry a 1.5% monthly interest (18% annually).






Price reduction are available on quantity and standing orders. Prices are firm for the specified period of the contract.
ALL QUELAB LABORATORIES INC. prices, terms and conditions are subject to change without any notice.






Shipments will be made in a manner deemed most appropriate by QUELAB LABORATORIES INC.




Returned goods


Returned goods for replacement or credit will only be accepted following authorization from our Sales Department.






QUELAB LABORATORIES INC. cannot be held liable for any failure to fulfill any contract or supply any materials due to labor disputes, fires, explosions, floods, riots, lock-outs, injunctions, interruptions of transportation, unavoidable accidents, incapacities of obtaining supplies at reasonable prices, or other causes beyond its control.




Merchandise lost or damaged in transit


If a shipment arrives on the customer's premises with merchandise damaged or missing, the extent of damage and/or shortage must be noted on the delivery receipt, preferably by a representative of the transport company.

In the event that the shortage and/or damage is discovered after delivery, the customer should notify the transport company within 24 hours, and request that an inspection and a report on the shipment be made by an agent of the company.

In all cases, the customer must also notify the QUELAB LABORATORIES INC. order department within two (2) days after receipt of the merchandise. Otherwise, any loss will be borne by the customer concerned.




Expiry date / Manufacturing date


All diagnostic product carry on expiry date or manufacturing date to facilitate stock control and help in providing customers with products of the highest quality.




Hazardous Products


Handling and transportation fee of $25.00 per shipment will apply on all products considered as dangerous goods by Transport Canada.




Quality control


QUELAB LABORATORIES INC. has been involved in the production of dehydrated and prepared culture media and other diagnostic products since 1978. Prepared ready to use biological culture media are manufactured according to the Quality Assurance Procedures published by the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards.

QUELAB LABORATORIES'quality control department is staffed with qualified a nd well-trained technicians under expert supervision. Each lot of finished products is clearly identified, and tests results and observations are recorded and filed for easy referral. Certificates of analysis are obtained upon written request.

Raw materials are obtained from reputable suppliers and are tested in our Quality Control Laboratories prior to use.

All animal products (blood, sera) come from herds that are constantly supervised for general health conditions, food and shelter. The blood from each animal is first sterility-tested and then standardized by hematocrit.

Representative samples of each lot of our various finished products are tested for homogeneity pH, clarity, vacuum, sterility and performance as required:

The general aspect, color and volume (depth or thickness) of the media must be uniform. Products must be free of particulate or foreign matter, as well as of bubbles and clumps which may interfere with results.

Each lot of product must be within a pre-determined pH range, and is controlled electrometrically

Each medium is visually inspected and must have the expected clarity for its type and composition

Verification of a representative number of blood culture bottle.

Incubation in optimal conditions of representative samples to isolate any eventual contaminants (bacterial or fungal). As for the media used for haemoculture, the samples are incubated at 35C for seven (7) days and at room temperature for twenty-one (21) days.

Verification of the capacity of each media to encourage or inhibit the growth of the given microbes. A representative number of samples from each lot are cultured with diluted and concentrated suspensions with a number of bacterial colonies from A.T.C.C. (American Type Culture Collection) and from recent clinical specimens. After incubation in proper conditions, caracteristic growth, haemolytic reactions or biochemical reactions are rigourously evaluated and compared to the established norms.

In the case of media for haemoculture, randomly picked bottles from each lot are cultured with the help of blood donor set with the following germs diluted in defibrinated sheep blood: Staphylococcus aureus (coagulase positive), Streptococcus pyogenes, Neisseria meningitidis, Bacteroides fragilis, and Haemophilus influenzae. After the appropriate incubation period, the bacterial growth is evaluated qualitatively by macroscopic observation and transfer to a selective media. The identity of the germs is confirmed.

Only the lots witch correspond to the highest Quelab's norms are liberated by our Quality Control Department.




Quality control certificate


QUELAB LABORATORIES INC. supplies with every shipment two packing slips; the one printed "CERTIFICATE" certify that performance for the shipped lot meets N.C.C.L.S. and QUELAB specifications.

If a detailed Quality Control Certificate is required, when placing order add to the product code,the two letters QC (ex: 1517QC).






QUELAB LABORATORIES' Quality Control Department recommends specific storage conditions for the optimal shelf-life of our products, and determines the expiry date for each lot:

  1. Plate media should generally be refrigerated (2-8C) and kept in the dark. The expiry date printed on each package label applies only to intact shrink wrap packages.
  2. Tubed and bottled media may usually be kept at room temperature (20-22C) and kept in the dark. However, blood and antibiotic-containing media must be refrigerated (2-8C) and kept in the dark. All these media have an expiry printed on each label.
  3. Animal blood and sera must be refrigerated (2-8C) and kept in the dark.