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Montréal (Quebec) (514) 277-2558 (514) 277-4714 http://www.quelab.com
Canada H2G 1Z9 1 (800) 579-0998 1 (800) 579-8177 info@quelab.com


(514) 277-2558
1 (800) 579-0998

(514) 277-4714
1 (800) 579-8177

        Choosing between Quelab and the competition:
        bigger doesnít mean better

      Quelab isnít a massive manufacturing facility but rather a small, highly specialized laboratory where painstaking attention to detail is standard operating procedure and people are passionate about their work.

      Our production volume is sufficient for us to able to offer prices that are nearly equal to those of our competitors. Because weíre a small laboratory, we offer better quality control and customer-tailored service.

        Weíre passionate about our mission to help
        and serve our customers

      Customers sometimes ask us for help in solving a problem theyíve encountered while using a product manufactured by one of our competitors.

      This is perfectly normal normal that we should offer our help, because thatís our mission. And normal that we should receive such requests, because our size means we have the advantage of being a manufacturer that truly cares about its customers.

      We are also often asked by institutions to develop a new product or a different-sized product. We respond enthusiastically to these requests because providing help and service to our customers is our raison díÊtre. Weíre passionate about what we do: we derive great satisfaction not only from increasing our sales but rather from contributing to the advancement of biological sciences.

      We manufacture over 800 types of culture media. We can easily manufacture one more!

        Choose Quelab for its technical support

      Culture media produced by Quelab come with technical information that enables the user to benefit from the full potential of the preparation. Other laboratories frequently sell such information. Quelab doesnít because it believes that this kind of information is an integral part of the service it provides.

      Quelab is delighted to provide technical support: proper use of its products only adds to their value. A team of specialists is always ready to provide prompt, accurate answers to customersí questions.

        Choose Quelab for its shipping expertise

      Quelab is located in a geographical region that experiences some of the greatest extremes in temperature in the world. In Montreal, in winter, temperature may vary by more than 30oC. during the same day. Quelab has therefore had to develop unique expertise in terms of packaging and shipping culture media. Quality control doesnít stop when a shipment leaves Quelab it carries through until the product reaches the customer, whatever the distance involved and whatever the clientís particular situation.