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2325, Dandurand,
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Montreal (Quebec)
Canada, H2G 1Z9

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        Only few countries in the world have the capability of producing dehydrated bacteriological culture media and Pseudo-narcotics.

      Incorporated in 1974, Quelab produces and distributes bacteriological culture media, as well as many other microbiological products used by laboratory professionals. Also Quelab manufactures and distributes pseudo-narcotics scents to train canine to detect the most commonly used and abused drugs. Quelab's clientele include hospitals, private laboratories, research centres, members of the pharmaceutical and food-producing industries, companies operating in the environmental field, plants that manufacture prepared culture media, universities, veterinary clinics, petroleum companies, border services department and agencies involved in law enforcement.

      Quelab enjoys an excellent reputation among its customers for its know-how and quality products. It is also highly respected by scientific and university organizations and continues to sign cooperation agreements with members of these communities. The companyís goal is to develop new culture media to facilitate clinical diagnoses and enhance the quality of bacterial analyses.

        Production, research and development

      Quelab employs 10 employees and has a research-department staff of highly specialized professionnals. It also pursues a double mission of manufacturing and research begun by its subsidiary, Frappier Diagnostic inc., which it acquired in 1989. Quelab takes pride in being the sole Quebec producer of prepared culturel media. There is a huge market both in Canada and elsewhere for the company to conquer.

        Guaranteed continuous growth.

      The only Canadian firm offering a complete range of Dehydrated Culture Media for microbiology laboratories and Pseudo-Narcotics for bodies involved in Law enforcement, Quelab continues to expand. As it forms more strategic alliances with prestigious universities and companies, Quelab further enhances its worldwide reputation with each passing day.

        An essential contribution to quality
        medical care.

      The average person seeking medical treatment has no idea that culture media even exist. Therefore, the average consumer is not aware of their importance in terms of ensuring the quality of a multitude of manufactured products.

      Culture media are indispensable to the work of medical personnel and quality-control technicians, however. Microbiological and diagnostic products marketed by Quelab under the brand name Que-Bact are essential in detecting and identifying microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast and moulds. The use of these products constitutes the dependable method of verifying whether a product is sterile and of detecting pathogenic organisms in water and foods, as well as the presence of these organisms in the manufacturing process involving numerous non-consumables.

        A participation to the fight against abused drugs.

        Most of the population has no idea that pseudo-narcotics exist. In many countries worldwide exist some kind of national detector dog program as part of the contreband detection of illicit drugs. Dog masters from Border Services Department and similar agencies involved in law enforcement (Police, Armed Forces, Correctional Services, Public safety Organizations, etc.) during their initial training of new dogs, and as follow up to this training, use pseudo-narcotics as training aids on a regular basis. Pseudo-narcotics provide a measure of safety unattainable when real narcotic substances are used. As a result, training can be performed with much less danger and stress.